We always use scenery as our windows desktop background. Many of us download themes of different country from Microsoft’s Website. But As a different Approach I have collected different photographs of our country NEPAL and make it as a theme for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

We know that our country is one of the most beautiful country in the world. So why not use theme of our own country. I encourage you all (especially who are abroad) to download this theme and use it as your desktop background. To do this just double click on the theme pack.

To Download this theme just right click on the Download Link and Choose Save Target As..


१२ बर्षकि कबिता देसारले २ बर्ष अघि बुवा गुमाईन। त्यसपछि सबै भन्दा ठुलो झट्का उनको शिक्षामा लाग्यो। परिवारको कमजोर आर्थिक अवस्थाले गर्दा उनले स्कुल छोड्नु पर्ने भयो। तर त्यसैबेला उनले फेला पारिन, ज्योतिदय सहकारी बिधालय जहाँ उनि र उनि जस्ता अरु थुप्रै बालबालिका हरुलाई निशुल्क पढाईन्छ। अहिले उनि ६ कक्षामा पढ्छिन्..
ज्योतिदय बिधालय सर्वोदय… फाउन्डेसनले चलाईरहेको एउटा कार्यक्रम हो। अहिले त्यहि सर्बोदय फाउन्डेसन सँसारको उत्कृष्ट सामाजिक सँस्था छान्ने प्रतियोगितामा परेको छ। तर उसलाई यो उपाधि जिताउन धेरै भन्दा धेरै Facebook प्रयोगकर्ताहरुले भोट गर्नु पर्ने हुन्छ। यो पुरस्कार जित्ने सँस्थाले दस लाख अमेरिकि डलर पाउने छ। नेपालमा अझ ज्योतिदय जस्ता अझ धेरै स्कुल हरु बन्ने छन्र अरु थुप्रै कबिताहरुले पढ्न छोड्नु पर्ने छैन।
आउनुहोस हामी सवैको सानो सहयोगले सर्बोदय फाउन्डेसनले सो पुरुस्कार जित्न सक्ने छ। सबैले भोट गरौँ, गरिसकेको भए, अरुलाई बुझाऊँ। यो Status सबैले Share गर्दिनु होला ।
Voting Link: http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/133358148-sarvodaya-usa-corporation?src=charity-details-wall-post-self
Step Wise Voting Process Image: https://sagarprasai.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/1.jpg

Download The Simplifies Version Of Group Stage Match Schedule of World CUP 2010.. All the time stated are in Nepal Standard Time..

Fifa World Cup 2010 Match Schedule (with Nepali Date and Time)

Today everybody in every field wants automation. They want to press a button and expect to do all the task by the machine itself as if they are formating a Flash drive. Same is the case here in the field of web design.

With content management system development, everyone in web designing field have been very grateful. Because CMS (we will talk about joomla) precisely reduces our effort on writing codes to build a fully functional, dynamic website, which otherwise was a very hard task. But I said here that Joomla reduces effort, Be clear that it will not automate your workflow.

It’s not that when you start making web pages with joomla, you would be expected to know only to use word processing software for adding and formating article. It’s not that you can’t even start a website without knowing codes with joomla. You Can. But again it will be a fairly simple and unprofessional. If you are happy with it then its OK but my friend Web Industry needs challenge and Professionalism.

Joomla site is totally controlled by CSS. You should be able to understand and Edit CSS in order to make your website according to your needs. When you download a template and install it in joomla you will find it fairly boring because the contents are not in order as you may have wished. Hence, Here comes the first and the most important use of CSS. Not just the simple CSS written for you by Dreamweaver, But all the hand written codes of CSS is needed to be learnt by Designer.

To Learn CSS, you must first learn (X)HTML, which is as we all know, building block of any website. Hence if you plan to take your Joomla site to next  level, then First Learn XHTML, CSS then USe this code based knowledge to tweak joomla according to your wish.

And My Friends, there are no shortcuts for success. You need to do the hard work.

Happy Browsing.

Sagar Prasain

May 19, 2010

Unity Against Maoist Aandolan

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I am against Maoist Aandolan. If any one reading this is also feeling the same like me about this Aandolan and hate the semi- terrorist group Maobadi as me then comment your feeling in this article. This article is solely purpose for the comments of local people about this Aandolan.

Come on lets join hands for this Anti Maoist Campaign.

No! No! Don’t get me wrong. I am not turning to be a web designer soon. Neither I am intending to be so in future. In fact, I can’t even think of anything except visual graphics and 3D animation. But I personally, think that everyone should be able to do his/her work by themselves. So here I am learning Joomla. I have a website and due to lack of HTML knowledge and Hard CSS theory, I always find it difficult to update my site. So these days my website (http://www.sagarp.com.np) has become a static webpage rather than a dynamic, which I loathe most.

Then suddenly, as a good omen, Joomla came in my life. I read about Joomla and suddenly I came to a conclusion that, this was the thing I was lacking of. So, Here I am learning Joomla. I have downloaded a book called, Joomla for Dummies and I am also downloading a 300 MB video tutorial called Essentials of Joomla by Lynda.com. So I would be somewhat busy for a week learning Joomla and next week for redesigning my website enriched of Joomla. :))

Happy Browsing..



10.06 PM NST May 4th, 2010

Damn Maoist! I hate You

Posted: अप्रील 27, 2010 in Politics (राजनिति)
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May 1st. Labor Day. Or We can say a day from which we are going to get an unnecessary trouble once again from Maoists. They are going to organize a protest against government for so called timely writing of constitution. But all this is game for power or government leadership. They want to handle government so they are acting all this drama.
They have closed all the private school accusing of high monthly fee so that they could used the school buildings to shelter their cadres which they have brought from all over the country to make pressure or directly saying so give us trouble.

They are collecting forcefully donations from all civil workers, business mans and also from the local people. what is this? Is this a real politics.
I have no words to say for them expect that